A whole new world 

I have hopes,
That erosion will only leave some twists in the road I follow.
That you will be proud of me,
A reassuring smile will linger on your lips,
Before I leave.

I know that I shouldn’t leave my possessions scattered amongst the floor,
Little tokens of my past.

They should be

But I can’t bring myself to reach down under the river
And pick them up. 

I am a waterfall.

I see the disappointment in your eyes. 
I am leaving you,
After you have left yourself
For me. 

I am sorry.
I will come back, sit in your lap,
Let you stroke my sun-bleached hair,
Relive my memories with me. 
But I must go.

One last squeeze,
And your fingers reluctantly release mine.
You nod once,
And I turn to walk away. 

But, I make the mistake 
Of looking back.
I can’t stop my feet from 
For one last hug 
Before I leave. 

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