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Poems about the global pandemic

Our hidden brightness

This poem speaks to the daily struggles of the frontline workers, the feelings and fear that they keep deep inside them so as to keep peace and order even though they themselves are in distress. 

Never Give Up

This poem is about the worldwide dilemma we all face of feeling useless and lost during this quarantine, and the poem aims to give a little bit of hope to someone so they can push through.

Poems about our parents

A hidden angel

This poem is about the constant sacrifices of our moms, and the way they can help you find your way home whenever you’re lost.

an ode to my father

This poem expresses the gratitude we feel towards our fathers, for how much they cared for us and continue to do so.

poems about injustice

our whispered shame

This poem is about the injustice that is being done to black people, simply due to their skin color, and how we are blinding ourselves to this issue.

poems about life

you don't give In

This poem is about the journey we take when we are trying to resist an overwhelming force, the small battles we fight, and how each win brings us closer to standing strong and not giving in.

a whole new world

This is a poem that speaks to the restlessness we all feel when home becomes too familiar, and we want to leave and see the world. It talks about the difficulties we have trying to leave our home, and how no matter how far we go, we will always have a piece of home with us in our hearts. 

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