Our Whispered Shame

We all live on the same earth. We all breathe the same air.
We all cry the same salty tears, and laugh the same bubbling laughs.
Yet, in spite of all these similarities we all have labels sewn into our shirts,
carved in our bodies, pushing us apart. 
It’s too hard to cut our labels out,
So we all live with a quieting itching in our stomachs,
Giving us the feeling that
Something is wrong.
We’re judged by things we haven’t even done.
By words we haven’t even formed. By the breaths we haven’t yet taken.
This earth is already being destroyed by human ache for convenience
Great angers are born due to quick tempers.
Our world is falling apart
Please let us not destroy the fraying thread of human bonding that is holding it together.
Black Lives Matter.

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