A Hidden Angel

How do you do it?
How do you forgive even before I apologize?
How do those unavoidable boulders of my words,
roll right off of you? 

When I’m driving home, 
the silent exits on the shadowy highways,
they call me.
Too many paths, 
when all I want to do is come home.
You are the lamp that gives me light,
and shows me the way. 

You are always ready. 
Always willing to drop whatever you are doing,
to tend to my bruises. 
Mom, you are my only true 
friend in the world of fake ones. 
The only true color in the world full
of too-bright neons.

Everytime you caressed my hair,
when you thought I was asleep. 
Everytime you fought my 
inner raging wars. 
Everytime you were there. 
I saw you. 
And I felt your love, 
in beautiful harmony with mine. 

I love you mom.

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