Ronald McDonald House: “Keeping families with children facing medical challenges close to each other and to the care and resources they need.” This quote from the website of the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley perfectly encapsulates its mission.The Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley gives a temporary home to families with children in the hospital. Families are engulfed in an atmosphere radiating with love and care as they focus on the health and safety of their children. The Ronald McDonald House takes a great amount of stress off of the shoulders of families during their stays, allowing them to focus as much as possible on their children. Reaching full capacity almost every night, the Ronald McDonald House relies on donations from good samaritans to help them stay afloat. A fifteen dollar donation can sponsor a family for one night, while a 450 dollar donation can support a family for an entire month. Bring a smile to someone’s face and donate to the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley today! Use this link to learn more about the Ronald Mcdonald House:

Mount Kisco Interfaith Pantry: Given the current situation of our nation, with a growing number of families facing food insecurity, we have chosen to partner up with and support the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry. They are a local charity that aims to help alleviate the difficulty that some have putting food on the table, by providing nutritious groceries to over 400 households every week. We think it is so important to help those in our community, and we know that every dollar they get will help a family in need. To donate, you can click the button to the left, and to learn more about the pantry, you can visit

Thank you for helping us reach our goal with Elmhurst Hospital Center!! If you like you could still donate.

Elmhurst Hospital Center is a small public hospital in Queen, New York. This hospital serves a variety of patients for very low prices, in efforts to reach those who don’t have a great source of wealth. This hospital is in the very epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis, and was severely hit. It has been depleted of supplies, and resources, putting many people in that area at risk for not being treated, and threatening their lives. By donating to this hospital, you will be playing a big role in helping this hospital back on it’s feet, and consequently, give life to many people.

This is a picture of donation to the Shukartal Orphanage

The Shukartal Orphanage in Uttar Pradesh, India is the home for about 50 abandoned children. It is mainly run by donations, which pay for supplies (food, clothes, books, etc.) This home started in 1990, when the couple(who were unable to have children) brought home an abandoned child and since then it has grown rapidly in size. Thanks to the couple, many children who once had no future, now have graduated, and taken jobs. When I visited the home, I was instantly surrounded by young and loving children, many of whom had both mental and physical disabilities. However, they didn’t let this dampen their outlook on life, and I was inspired by their determination to create their own path. All of this was possible because of the love the Rana couple has for children. During this COVID-19 crisis, the home has taken a severe hit, as their funding rates have dropped, and they are struggling to make ends meet. If you donate even a couple of dollars, you would be contributing to providing a future for these children, and giving them a second chance at life.