About Poetry's Purpose

We are Poetry’s Purpose, and our mission is to use our creative voices to help others

What we do:

As three writers who are passionate about making the world a better place, we write personalized poems for you to send to whomever you want as a thoughtful gift, and in return only asking for a donation to one of the nonprofits we are working with. Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a new nephew, wishing your daughter a successful college journey, or simply want to let someone know you care, you can feel great about sending them a customized poem.

How It All Began:

Poetry’s Purpose began as nothing more than an idea, as all things tend to do. In the summer of 2020, Devisi Goel (pictured on the far left) began to think of ways that she could help people who’d been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. She started Poetry’s Purpose as a way to combine her passions of poetry and helping others. In the fall of 2020, she invited Tessa Wheeler (pictured on the far right) to join the team, and Tessa eagerly accepted. Tessa and Devisi had worked with each other before raising money for charities. For a while, they worked together on laying the foundations of Poetry’s Purpose, but it wasn’t long before they realized that they were going to need a bigger team. Devisi reached out to Emma Wasserman (pictured in the middle), who was also a part of a writing program Tessa and Devisi attended. Emma immediately gave her all with Poetry’s Purpose, bringing her entrepreneurial skills from programs she’d run before to our organization. It only took a few months before Poetry’s Purpose was off and running, working with local charities, and raising awareness for their cause at farmers’ markets.